Lighting the Way in Healthcare

2019/20 Annual Report

High Reliability Health Care

Generation 2 Command Centre

Humber sets a new global standard in patient care through powerful predictive analytics.

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Pandemic Response

Humber Rises to the Challenge of COVID-19

Protective equipment, loving care, and high-tech design help keep our patients safe.

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Patient Experience

Better Quality of Life with Home Dialysis

NxStage is a user-friendly, compact machine giving patients a life-changing option.

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State-of-the-Art Technology

The first fully digital hospital, Humber explores new technology to build a healthier community.

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Community Town Hall

Listening to the Community

Humber’s Town Hall let us hear from the people we care for and share what we do.

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Humber River Stories

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Message from the CEO & Chair of HRH

Joint Message from President/CEO Barb Collins and Board Chair Terry Leon. At Humber River Hospital, innovative new technologies, combined with deep respect and compassion for our patients and their families, light the way to a bright future in health care.

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As we write our Annual Report in the midst of a global pandemic, we proudly look back on a year of leadership, innovation, and lighting the way in patient-centered healthcare. As CEO and Chair, we are humbled and inspired by our teams of healthcare professionals whose dedication to building a healthier community knows no bounds.

Humber River Hospital has been a leader both in the community and across Ontario as the province moves into a new model of patient-centered care. We are proud to have been selected as part of a 13-member team for the North Western Toronto Ontario Health Team (OHT) to deliver a full and coordinated continuum of care for our community. An important part of a continuing shift toward a model of patient-centered care is the dynamic partnership formalized between the North Western Toronto OHT and the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario’s (RNAO) Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) program, through which we implement and evaluate the RNAO’s best practices guidelines on patient safety and quality care. Locally in the community, Humber River Hospital has partnered with Runnymede Healthcare Centre to bridge the gap between levels of care, which puts patients at the centre of all interactions so that they can access the care they need.

We hosted both an open house attended by over 700 of our community members and a virtual Town Hall where over 3000 community members participated. We were able to engage our community on strengths and opportunities, as we move forward together. Additionally, we introduced the Equity and Inclusion Office to ensure every decision made at Humber is equitable, inclusive, and reflects the diversity of our community.

We continue to be a globally recognized leader in patient experience and digital healthcare. In August, we received two awards from Studer Group at the What’s Right in Healthcare 2019 Conference, including the Patient Experience Award. In November, our Vice President of Clinical Programs, Carol Hatcher, received the Digital Health Canada Women Leadership in Digital Health Award.

Our priorities are patient safety and the patient experience, which we have demonstrated with our SickKids Partnership and our Reactivation Care Centre (RCC) sites. Our partnership with SickKids enables SickKids general surgeons to operate on patients in their own community, where parents, pepper guided by the child life specialist can enter the OR and play an active role in comforting and coaching their children during their anaesthetic. Through the RCC at the Church and Finch sites, which are now fully operational, we can safely transition patents who no longer need acute care services into Alternative Level Care (ALC) where they can access specialized care from specially-trained staff. The RCC structure also enabled us to open a COVID-19 Assessment Centre at our Finch site RCC which is urgently important in the fight against COVID-19.

As North America’s first fully-digital hospital, we have continued to innovate by introducing new clinical analytic applications, or ‘tiles,’ which mark the second stage in the evolution for our technology-rich Command Centre. In partnership with GE Healthcare Partners, we rolled out five new tiles: Mother Baby tile, Risk of Harm tile, Deterioration tile, Seniors tile, and the COVID-19 tile. These clinical tiles integrate standardized early warning systems, predictive analytics, real-time information from multiple digital systems, and professional expertise to provide an added layer of protection for patients with conditions that make them more vulnerable to risks of adverse events or outcomes, including seniors, perinatal and neonatal patients, and patients at risk of harm and deterioration.

In just over a week, we swiftly introduced the COVID-19 tile in our Command Centre to track overall trends of testing and positive or suspected cases, which supports early response from our experienced front-line professionals. As the innovation leader in GE’s global ecosystem of clinical command centres, we are proud to be one of the first hospitals to integrate the new COVID-19 tile into our Command Centre, along with other leading hospitals around the world.

This year marked the launch of our research agenda with focused attention in 3 priority areas including, community connection, clinical excellence, and optimizing care through technology. The release of a Special Issue of the Healthcare Quarterly Journal highlights the important role that Humber River Hospital physicians have in conducting applied research as it relates to digital transformation.

Thank you to our Board of Directors for their commitment on behalf of the community, who continue to provide strategic direction virtually, and a special thanks to our staff, physicians and volunteers for your tireless service.

Even in the midst of unprecedented challenges, the people of Humber River Hospital rise up to meet each challenge with compassion, professionalism and respect. Humber River Hospital is prepared and ready to build on our successes of the past year and continue to build a healthier community. This Annual Report demonstrates how when we work together, we will meet any challenge that comes our way.

Joint Message from HRH Foundation President/CEO Pamela Wing and Board Chair Alan Spergel

At Humber River Hospital Foundation, our donors, board members and community partners hold steadfast in their support of the important work we are able to fund at the Hospital.

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Joint Message from HRH Foundation President/CEO Pamela Wing and Board Chair Alan Spergel

Dear Friends,

As we take a quiet moment to sit down and reflect on the past year, we are reminded not only of how quickly a year goes by but also how quickly things can change so suddenly in the world. Through it all, our donors, board members and community partners have held steadfast in their support of Humber River Hospital Foundation and the important work we are able to fund at the Hospital.

There are so many meaningful moments we have shared together over the past year. Each one reminds us of the impact donors have on the way healthcare is delivered first to our Humber community and then beyond to our city, province and country.

Last fiscal year, the Foundation together with our donors raised over $10.3 million. We celebrated a record-breaking gala, which for the first time reached the $1 million mark, and launched WINK (Women in Kindness) and RiPL (Rising Philanthropic Leaders) which are two new giving societies aimed at mobilizing new groups of donors. In the Hospital, we proudly unveiled Gifts of Gratitude, a program close to our hearts that helps patients and their families make gifts in honour of staff and physicians whose care went above and beyond.

Our strong partnership with the Hospital and their teams has made the impact of these philanthropic dollars go even further. As a donor, you’ve helped:

Purchase millions of dollars-worth of equipment including the Optima X-Ray Machine for our NICU, a new drug-dispensing Omnicell for our Emergency Psychiatric Unit, new NxStage Machines for home dialysis and supplies and equipment to help expand care in our Mental Health and Addictions Program
Launch our first completely donor-funded research project – the HEART Program Research Project that aims to evaluate the full impact of HEART (Humber’s Elderly Assess and Restore Team), to study the difference between patients who had access to HEART and those that did not in the hopes that the Hospital can expand this service to more seniors so we can stop functional decline while they are in the Hospital and they can go back home faster than ever
Usher in Generation 2 of Humber’s first-in-Canada Command Centre – this next phase focuses on patient safety with four new “tiles” that will bring a new standard of patient-centred care to Ontario and the world by tracking mothers and babies, risk of harm, seniors and deterioration

Of course, just like all of yours, our world changed drastically this past March, when the COVID-19 pandemic was declared. While we didn’t know what the coronavirus would mean for fundraising, our donors have stepped up again in the most generous and heartwarming ways that truly show the strength of the human spirit.

From our Humber family to yours, we thank you for opening your hearts, making gifts, offering words of encouragement and doing your part to fight this pandemic through physical distancing and other restrictive measures, as difficult as those may be.

While we don’t know what this pandemic will bring next, we do know it will be a fair fight with you by our side. Thank you for your continued support as we save lives and look forward to a brighter future together.

With all our gratitude,

Alan Spergel
Chair of the Board, Humber River Hospital Foundation

Pamela Wing
President and CEO, Humber River Hospital Foundation

Governance & Leadership

Our boards of directors are comprised of dedicated members of our community. They are committed to the success and constant innovation of Humber River Hospital.

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Year in Review

    Fast Facts

    Humber River opened its doors in 2015 as North America’s first digital hospital. Today, we serve a catchment of 850,000 in Northwest Toronto. Here are some facts about us.


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