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2018/19 Annual Report

Patient Centred Care

Home Dialysis is the future.

No matter where you live, Humber brings kidney care closer to home.

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Kids Health Alliance

Working together for our children. Humber joins the Kids Health Alliance.

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Command Centre Gen 2

The future of healthcare is here. Humber's Command Centre opens "virtual beds,"

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High Reliability

Accreditation Canada / BPSO

Humber is a high reliability hospital. And people are noticing,

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Exceptional care

Healthier community



Working together to deliver innovative and compassionate healthcare in our community







Joint Message from President/CEO Barb Collins and Board Chair Terry Leon

At Humber River Hospital, we strive to provide exceptional care because our patients are our neighbours, school teachers, local business owners and those who need care most – closer to home.

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Joint Message from President/CEO Barb Collins and Board Chair Terry Leon

At Humber River Hospital, we celebrate yet another year leading the way in providing exceptional and innovative care. As CEO and Chair we recognize the compassion and commitment our staff, physicians and volunteers bring every day to the most digitally advanced hospital in North America. We are both honoured and humbled by the opportunity to watch our teams provide compassionate care and to help build a healthier community every day.

In a year filled with highlights, we want to start by noting one in particular. In December, we officially received Accreditation Canada’s highest rating of Accreditation with Exemplary Standing. We achieved 100 percent of Required Organizational Practices and met 99.9 percent of 2,800 standards. The Accreditation Canada rating was a testament to our commitment to excellent high reliability care.

Awards that reflect excellent patient and family centered care are even more exciting to receive and this has been a great year for HRH. In August we received the Studer Group award for Excellence in Canadian Patient Care. Humber was also awarded not one, but two of this year’s Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) Awards. Dr. Vanessa Burkoski received the Nursing Leadership Award, which recognizes individuals committed to patient-centred care and nursing leadership. In addition, our hospital received the Excellence in Patient Experience Award, which recognizes innovative organizations and individuals who are improving the patient experience in healthcare.

This past year we joined Kids Health Alliance, a network of partners committed to advancing excellence and expertise in paediatric care. In a new partnership, six surgeons from SickKids joined us to provide general surgery services to the children of our community, right here at Humber River Hospital. Our collective aim to strengthen paediatric health in our community by improving access to more coordinated, consistent, high-quality care for children, youth and their families.

At the other end of the age spectrum, seniors are also benefitting from our commitment to innovation in health care delivery. The HEART (Humber’s Elderly Assess and Restore Team) a collaboration between our Medical Program physicians and staff, ensures that a skilled multidisciplinary team is always focused on maintaining or restoring our seniors’ strength and overall health. This initiative allows our seniors to return home, live independently and remain in the community for as long as possible.

We expanded our Reactivation Care Centre (RCC) model, a first of its kind in Ontario – a place where patients that no longer require acute care can receive the right kind of care and support before discharge. The reactivation care program is so successful at our Finch Avenue site, a new RCC opened at our legacy Church Street site. Our thanks to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for funding this initiative. At our two legacy sites, we collaborate with 8 other GTA hospital partners to provide services for 448 patients, with a focus on activation, restoration and improving lives.

Our First in Canada Command Center that uses real-time data, advanced algorithms, predictive analytics and data displays to show a comprehensive view of how patients move through the hospital has been in use for just over one year and has improved patient flow through every phase of the patients by 52%. As a result, despite unprecedented growth, Humber River Hospital does not experience “hallway health care”, in fact through the use of the command center we have freed up 23 beds at no additional cost.

We are being recognized for our focus of high-reliability care, on quality patient centred care that consistently prioritizes safety. For the past two years, Humber River has seen a steady decrease in critical incidents, medication errors and infection rates, all of which at HRH are far lower than Ontario and Canadian benchmarks.

Corporately, our Patient and Family Advisory team has grown to over 45 advisors. This committed team represents the voice of our patient and families who have a unique experience, and perspectives that are invaluable to improving care. Their commitment and advice is appreciated by all of us.

In closing, a special thanks to the Board of Governors for their commitment on behalf of the community. Sincere thanks to our physicians, nurses, staff, and volunteers, for none of this would be possible without your commitment. This Annual Report demonstrates how together, with the wonderful community we serve and the many people with whom we work, you made the past year a very good one, and we know you will do the same in 2019.

Message from Chief of Staff and Chief Nursing Executive

We are pleased to look back on another very successful year at Humber River Hospital. On behalf of all of the medical, nursing and professional staff at this hospital, we are grateful for the support we receive from the leadership team, day in and day out ...

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Joint Message from Chief of Staff and Chief Nursing Executive

We are pleased to look back on another very successful year at Humber River Hospital. On behalf of all of the medical, nursing and professional staff at this hospital, we are grateful for the support we receive from the leadership team, day in and day out, as we work to deliver the exceptional patient care or which our hospital is increasingly known.

Being recognized for the quality and reliability of our care is a source of great pride. The Nursing Leadership Award from the Canadian College of Health Leaders is, of course, a great honour, as is our pre-designation as a Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) through the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO). This recognition is a testament to the hard work and extraordinary skill of our doctors, nurses and other staff. We are in our second year as a pre-designate BPSO, and working to implement evidence-based guidelines and sustain best practices feels like exactly the work our hospital should be doing.

Indeed, the calibre of our staff and the strength of our collective commitment make it inconceivable that this hospital should not be a model and inspiration for others. We make it a priority to seek out opportunities to teach and train current and future doctors and other health professionals, and the fact that students see us as a desired learning site is a true inspiration.

With respect to our medical staff, we continue to grow our team to meet the needs of our increasingly complex patients. This has required us to bring on ever more sophisticated procedures, some of which are unique to our hospital (i.e. Anterior Hip Surgery). The pace of change from our origins to where we are today has been breathtaking, and our doctors have been critical to our transformation.

This past year was a very good one for Humber. We were pleased to be a part of it, and are very excited at the prospect of what the next year will bring.

Governance & Leadership

Our board of directors is comprised of dedicated members of our community. They are committed to the success and constant innovation of Humber River Hospital.

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Humber River Hospital Foundation

Funding, supporting, and enhancing Humber River Hospital for today, tomorrow, and the future.

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Year In Review

    Fast Facts

    Humber River opened its doors in 2015 as North America’s first digital hospital. Today, we serve a catchment of 850,000 in Northwest Toronto. Here are some facts about us.

    • Employees4,015
    • Physicians699
    • Volunteers1,151
    • Emergency Visits139,672
    • Births3,944
    • Beds722
    • Patient Care Sites3
    • Partner Hospitals8
    • Reactivation Care Beds+448


    As of March 31, 2019 this statement is an excerpt from the Audited Financial Statements prepared by BDO Canada LLP.